Politique de harcèlement

Harassment of any participating members of The Football Academy will not be tolerated. Anyone that is reported for harassment will be called in for resolving the matter or expulsion to programs. The success of our services depends on the patience and support of everyone involved. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Politique de filtrage des stages

Les étudiants qui souhaitent effectuer un stage doivent le faire pour répondre aux exigences d'un programme d'enseignement auquel ils sont actuellement inscrits. Veuillez consulter les normes de travail fédérales pour les étudiants stagiaires avant de nous contacter.

Politique de formation et d'instruction

  • Ensure a fun and positive attitude is always the focus starting with the instructors
  • Créer un espace sûr pour que les élèves de tous âges puissent exprimer leur football et jouer.
  • Zero tolerance on negative behaviors (i.e., verbal abuse, bullying, physical abuse)

Politique en cas de mauvais temps

In the event of extreme weather conditions or other environmental situations which develop during the day or may be forecast for the weekend, it may be necessary to close the facilities. A decision to close is made centrally after considering all information on road and weather conditions received from a variety of resources, including road departments and weather agencies. Please visit CBC news for more information on facility closures and our social media.