Our Mission

The Football Academy or TFA celebrates skill development and creating new ways for children that enjoy soccer training to be prepared for collegiate, professional, and national team success.

We have a bold vision to live up too, “we will establish the finest soccer academy in Atlantic Canada”. Whether in the classroom setting or in soccer training, we create environments for skill development of each student.

We believe long term development is about fine-tuning technique. Success in soccer training is not only determined by technique, but a student’s insight to the game, personality, and speed on and off the ball.

Our Academy

This soccer academy gives the family feel but strives for a professional atmosphere using creative means to make programs fun and establishing levels of mastery. We welcome students that enjoy the game and give them this soccer academy for growth in reaching their full potential. What we offer is totally different, not only will you be provided a professional environment, but you’ll have fun while you’re here.

Jordan learned some vital skills that helped him achieve his goal of university soccer. It made a huge difference in his confidence.

His work ethic was pushed even higher and he also learned drills that he took away and practiced himself.

Claire, Parent
I thought the summer training went really well. What I really appreciate is that they get some time to focus on individual technical skills because those aren't the types of practices that I'll do with them in a team setting.
Dan, Parent

History & Vision

The Football Academy (TFA) was founded in October 2020. Prior to the academy being founded, Marcus Lees pitched the idea of having a soccer academy to the University of New Brunswick. They were inspired and accepted Marcus into the start-up accelerator program known as Summer Institute. Using their resources and funding, The Football Academy has implemented a plan for a variety of programs.

The vision of TFA goes beyond offering programs for skill development, this is only one aspect. Currently, TFA offers skill development programs and camps for students that enjoy soccer looking to improve their skills. Another aspect is creating partnerships intended for student athlete preparation, however there is a lot of work to be done.

Marcus is respectful and kind and encourages you to never give up on something hard. He has helped my son improve ball control and his mental game.

It is always a highlight finishing up the school week knowing he trained with him. Thanks Marcus.

Ian, Parent
Marcus Lees • The Football Academy
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