Soccer Programs

Level 1

Ages 11-14
An add on to our Cabana program, taking players to the next level with two training sessions per week.

Cabana is part of our FUNdamentals soccer programs and is a fun and interactive program for players of all levels to grow and improve their skills.

Mastery Level 1 brings together passing, shooting, first touch, and body coordination. Students will begin to push forward, setting their sights on the black stripe.

Program info
Open to boys and girls
Joint program with Cabana
Training twice a week
Terms run in
Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring
Term Length
8 weeks
1 hrweek
Every Friday
1.5 hrsweek
Every Saturday

Upcoming Programs

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Our programs are tailored specifically for boys or girls, however, should you wish to participate regardless of gender please inquire with Marcus Lees via our contact form.

Covid Protocol

In case we shift to Red Phase under COVID restrictions, all programs will still take place virtually.

In Phases Yellow and Orange, training will take place as per usual, our small groups and operational plans meet the requirements to conduct sport activities.

What to bring
  • Face Mask, once into the gym, participants may remove masks.
  • Plenty of water (water fountain available for refills).
  • Players should also bring running shoes and indoor soccer shoes. There is a mat for boots and benches for other belongings such as bag and jackets.
  • Players are asked to wear black shorts and socks, and white T-shirt if possible to organize for activities.

Our soccer training programs celebrate skill development at all levels OUR UNIQUE TRAINING PROGRAMS CELEBRATE SKILL DEVELOPMENT AT ALL LEVELS

Purple Stripe


Purple stripe, our fourth rank symbolizes balance and is earned by students who transition from FUNdamentals to Mastery, fulfilling our entry-level programs and aspiring to master advanced techniques.

Students earn stripes as they move up through the Academy towards our Mastery programs, where they’ll gain a greater insight into the game.
Educate & empower
Personal & technical development
High intensity training
Longer Sporting careers

Inspirational instructors

All programs are supported by our team of inspirational instructors, headed-up by TFA founder Marcus Lees, a talented and experienced soccer player whose career has seen him play in Canada, America, Europe, and Brazil.

Marcus is respectful and kind and encourages you to never give up on something hard. He has helped my son improve ball control and his mental game.

It is always a highlight finishing up the school week knowing he trained with him. Thanks Marcus.

Ian, Parent
Soccer Instructors • The Football Academy